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UX-first apps

We help businesses grow by crafting beautiful
applications with our UX-first approach

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What We Do

Web Apps

We build responsive, cloud-based applications that run in any browser. We keep things light and fast to provide your users with the best experience possible.

Mobile Apps

Hybrid or native, we build modern mobile applications that effectively reach your mobile users.

API Development

A secure and resilient API is the foundation of any modern web service. We help you unleash the power of your data and business logic.

How We Do It

UX-First Design Process

User experience is serious business to us. This is why we put user research and UX design at the forefront of any project. Every decision is made with your users in mind. Always.

Lean & Agile

We employ a lean and agile approach to ensure that we can quickly adapt to your user's feedback during the development process of your product. We do more than just code, we help you strategize your next move.

Ethnographic Analysis

At BitFuel, we take user centered design very seriously. We are one of the rare agencies to have a social cultural anthropologist on staff.

We truly believe that the best products are built with critical insight of user habits, pains and needs. Ethnography can reveal invaluable information about your user-base that will help your product design decisions.

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